Monday, October 20, 2008

How to avoid Tiredness

At a given time of surveying 1 to 10 percent of people suffer from tiredness. Compare to men women are mostly affected by the common disease tiredness. Basically the source of tiredness is coming from stress, busy lives, mourning, moving house, family and work problems. I give few tips to get a better sleep. These are 1.Go to bed at right time and have the regular time to wakeup.2.Eat earlier in the evening.3.Make sure that Bed room should be quiet ,Cleaned, dark and it be neither hot or cool.4.Before going to bed listen light music or take hot bath.5.Try to thrown away the problems and worries before going to take sleep.6.Avoid unbalancing lifestyle means choose the apt lifestyle.7.slowly give up the practices of consuming alcohol particularly in the evening.

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