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Cinematronics was a pioneering arcade game company that had its heyday in the era of vector display games. While other companies released games based on raster displays, Cinematronics and Atari released vector-display games, which offered a distinctive look and a greater graphic capability (at the time), at the cost of being only black and white.
Cinematronics experimented with color overlays on some of their games. In Star Castle, the overlay gave color to several elements of the game with fixed positions. In Armor Attack, the overlay was itself a part of the game: the overlay was a top-down view of a small set of city streets, and the player drove a jeep through the streets battling with tanks and helicopters.
Cinematronics created Cosmic Chasm, a color vector game. Other games were developed based on the same hardware system (based on Motorola's 68000 chip) but were never released, including a three-d color vector game.
Cinematronics also relased Dragon's Lair, the first ever laserdisc-based arcade game.

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Herbert Stothart

Herbert Stothart (11 September 1885 - 1 February 1949) was a composer, born of Scottish and Bavarian descent in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
He studied music in Europe and at the University of Wisconsin, where he also later taught. He was hired by the producer Arthur Hammerstein to be the musical director for touring companies of Broadway shows, and was soon writing music for the producer's nephew, Oscar Hammerstein. This successful collaboration led to Stothart's teaming with Vincent Youmans, Otto Harbach, Rudolph Friml, George Gershwin and Franz Lehár. In 1929 Stothart was signed to a Hollywood contract by Louis B. Mayer.
The composer spent his remaining 20 years at MGM, composing, arranging, adapting, and conducting scores for over 100 feature films. He served as music director for the Jeanette MacDonald/Nelson Eddy musicals and also wrote music for After the Thin Man, Anna Karenina, China, David Copperfield, The Good Earth, The Green Years, Idiot's Delight, Madame Curie, Mrs. Miniver, Mutiny On The Bounty, National Velvet, Naughty Marietta, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Pride and Prejudice, Rasputin And The Empress, A Tale of Two Cities, Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo, What Every Woman Knows, The White Cliffs Of Dover, The Yearling and many other pictures.
Stothart was nominated for a number of Oscars, winning for The Wizard Of Oz. He died in Los Angeles, California.
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Roger Vadim

Roger Vadim (January 26, 1928 - February 10, 2000), was a journalist, author, actor, screenwriter, director, and producer who launched Brigitte Bardot's career in the film And God Created Woman. The scene of Bardot dancing barefoot on a table remains one of the most erotic scenes in French cinema.
Born Roger Vladmir Plemiannikov in Paris, France. His White Russian father, Igor Plemiannikov, had immigrated from the Ukraine, become a naturalized French citizen, and a vice consul of France to Egypt.
Vadim became a stage actor at the age of 16. In 1947 he became assistant writer to film director Marc Allegret.
As well as his movie achievements, Roger Vadim was celebrated for his romances with some of the world's most beautiful women, two of whom were Brigitte Bardot and Jane Fonda. He also lived with Catherine Deneuve with whom he had a child prior to his marriage to Fonda. In addition to his theater and movie work, he wrote several books including his autobiography, D'Une Etoile a l'Autre (From One Star to the Next).
He died at 72 years of age of cancer and is buried in the St. Tropez Cemetery, Saint Tropez, France. He was survived by his wife, actress Marie-Christine Barrault, and four children: Vanessa, born to Fonda; Christian with Deneuve; Nathalie, born to actress Annette Stroyberg; and Vania, his child with heiress Catherine Schneider

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